Fairy Godmothers Are For Wimps

Written by Laurel Veil
Category: · Children’s Books

Ever been invited to dinner only to find out, you’re the main course? That’s sort of what happened to twelve year old Haley.

Haley is a so-so scholar unlike her science fair winning, cheerleading, flute playing sister, Hannah. She is also a procrastinator who stinks at the violin.

Life gets a little better for Haley when she becomes acquainted with Juniper Hagglesworth – language arts teacher by day, fairy godmother by night.

Ms. Hagglesworth helps Haley get out of a few jams, but Haley will learn that Ms. Hagglesworth’s help comes at a very expensive price.

Can Haley get a grip on this magical mayhem before it’s too late? Or will her situation take a strange and surprising turn? Find out in this humorously enchanting new book, specifically geared towards young readers in elementary and middle school grades.


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