Eyes of Fire: How Icons Saved My Life As An Artist

Written by Christine Simoneau Hales
Category: · Arts & Photography

Do you have a keen interest in contemporary Christian icons?
Do you understand their relevance in today’s world and historically?
This book aims to help you with that process!
There is no doubt that ancient methods of icon writing are very far from what we perceive art to be in the modern world. This book will bring the act of seeing and perceiving God in the visual image back into a modern day perspective.
Inside the pages of Eyes of Fire you will learn, explore and discover the evolution of these icons from hundreds of years ago to the present day, with chapters that explore:
➢A personal view
➢Relevance and importance of icons today
➢How the art developed
➢Cultural perspectives
➢Art as prayer
➢A modern history of icon discovery
➢How icons deepen our understanding of God
➢And much more…
Controversial in places, fascinating throughout, Eyes of Fire is simply a must read for anyone who has even a passing interest in this subject and who wants to learn more.
Get a copy today and gain a deeper understanding of why icons mean so much even today!


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