Expressions of Reflections

Written by Rampyari Walia
Category: · Arts & Photography

Coffee table book of paintings and verse. A scientist inspired by the beauty of nature, and intrigued by the mysteries of life expresses her search through paintings and poetry. She has found that it is the strength of willpower and the bond of love that energize you to do things way beyond one’s capacity. The beautiful scenes are aimed at influencing the reader to a calmer mindset, melting away stress induced by mental anguish or physical pain. Through the use of vibrant colors and inspirational verses the author seeks to stimulate a positive attitude. This book is about reflecting emotion, movement and conveying a powerful mindset that leaves readers ready to change their own lives, rather than just having enjoyed “a piece of art”. or an “insightful verse”. In the words of the author”The beautiful scapes are figments of my imagination,, my escape to a peaceful tranquil place dissolving temporarily my very existence. It is my fervent hope that this book will inspire, empower, and nudge the reader to look inward and relearn the essence of life.. “


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