Exclusive: A Tisha Ariel Nikkole Novel #1

Written by Yasmin Shiraz

How much access do you need to have a serious relationship with the most desirable bachelor in the country? Journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole and music executive Jordan Ellis are about to find out. As the story opens Tisha is on her way to interview a private and mysterious artist and has decided that she’s gonna make him love her. But, with his lust for groupie companionship and easy sex, does he have other plans? Vindictive Jordan can’t keep her mind off the same bachelor and is willing to hurt anyone who comes near him. Add in a high-powered, short-fused publicist to the mix and a professional call girl and this book delivers more excitement on every page. By the end of this drama someone’s on life support but who will it be?

EXCLUSIVE is a fast paced novel with vivid characters and shocking plot twists. The cast of interesting people reveals how access to the right person at the right moment changes the course of the future.


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