Excel VBA: Simple, Effective, and Advanced Strategies to Execute Excel VBA and Its Functions

Written by Daniel Jones
Category: · Business & Money

By now you’ve had a small taste of life with Microsoft’s Excel VBA, and you’re likely looking for a little bit more. Most people, once they have learned how much simpler life can be when they use VBA programming language suddenly have minds flooded with immense possibilities that require specialized skills and knowledge to master.

But when you start studying the available books on the topic, one can quickly become discouraged. Many books assume that you know a certain level of programming lingo and there are huge gaps in information that you struggle to understand. It’s like you’re dealing with a world-famous chef who is more than willing to give you his secret recipe but quietly holds back on the primary ingredient that gives his dish the unique flavor and texture that makes it special.

Here in this book, however, we take a completely different approach. Here, you can learn VBA without fear of missing gaps of information. Even though you’ve probably already worked some with Excel VBA, we assume nothing and will walk you through the basics as if it were your first time. At the same time, we try to give you some of those secret ingredients that will take you from a beginner to a more polished user in the shortest amount of time possible.

VBA is an incredible resource that can be utilized in all sorts of business applications. With VBA, the ability to automate your reports and data is made free and easy. Whether you’re looking to conduct surveys or use your collected data in some other way, you’ll learn some easy tricks that will make writing professional code quickly and efficiently one of the smartest moves you can make.



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