Excel: Advanced strategies to Learn and Execute Excel Programming

Written by Daniel Jones
Category: · Business & Money

Working in Excel can be a great experience. It allows you to organize a lot of information, look through data, and figure out things that are just not possible with some of the other programs out there. With all of the things that you can do with Excel, it can be nice to know some of the shortcuts, and some of the coding, that you can use to get things done quickly.

This guidebook is going to look at some of the various things that you can do in Excel to make your life easier. Some of these include:

•Creating a pivot table
•Working with rows and columns
•How to do math in Excel
•Working with the DATEIF and CONVERT functions
•How to use Sparklines to identify trends
•Arranging your data with several sort levels
•And tricks to save you some time when working in Excel.

When you are ready to learn how to do more with Excel and get the most out of this programming language, make sure to check out this guidebook to help you get started!


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