Escape from Passing Winds

Written by Blair Denholm

If there’s one thing Catherine Brewer hates, it’s boring school excursions with her miserable classmates. She’ll try all kinds of stunts to avoid them. But today her attempted trickery flops and mom says she has to go, no matter what!

What promises at first to be a dreary visit to an old people’s home quickly turns into a crazy day out. At the home, Catherine meets Olga, a feisty old woman trapped there against her will. When the pair execute a prison-break style escape from Passing Winds, all hell breaks loose!

Can they evade the clutches of the law and the evil manager of Passing Winds?
Will Catherine be able to secure Olga’s freedom?
And can they figure out how to get justice for Olga?

Join a cast of colorful characters – including an eccentric taxi driver, a hairy rabbi and an oddball private eye – on a rollicking adventure that will make you laugh, cry and cheer.


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