Erupt With Joy: A Journey Of Exploration From Core Values to Cultural Alignment

Written by Hosamane J Savitha
Category: · Business & Money

Two terms commonly used to describe me – Laughing Buddha or “Laughter queen”. However, I could not believe my ears when, post diagnoses, every doctor said, “I was on the borderline of depression.” It made me think…. Was my happiness outward only? Why did it not reflect inwards? Which was my real self then?

I then embarked on the journey of self-discovery to find the missing link. The tensions inflicted on my
mind, unexpressed hurt and anger were wrecking me from within. These unwanted accumulations were
the root cause of my inner depression. However, I was able to discard these suppressed blockages,
through mindful self-awareness methods, compassion and loving attitude towards myself. Eventually,
the gap of outward and inward happiness started bridging.

This book is all about knowing, connecting, accepting and delighting your inner being. . Explore your real
self and gain self-mastery in almost every area of your lives with health, happiness and harmony.

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