Entertaining Detours: Unique Tales from My Journey Along the Road Less Traveled

Written by Michael Hawron

See the world like you never have before with Michael J. Hawron’s engaging new memoir, Entertaining Detours.

This fascinating collection of individual chapter-length anecdotes are both funny and poignant…but always heartfelt.

The adventure begins with a chance email encounter as Hawron is planning a return trip to Hong Kong with his son and daughter.

As a young MIT student in the early 1970s, he launches a personal expedition around the world—one that ultimately takes him to more than thirty countries in five different continents over the span of three decades.

One of those countries is Hong Kong, a place that makes an indelible impression on him—one he wishes to share with his grown children. While planning the trip, he learns the family that has moved into his old home in Hong Kong has developed an environmental foundation to preserve the area—and the email exchange between them soon becomes the catalyst for Hawron’s memoir.

As the book title suggests, however, life has a way of throwing in unexpected detours, and a devastating one occurs just three months into the memoir’s creation. Undeterred, Hawron completes his narrative…and manages to bring his journey full circle.


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