ENMITY: An enthralling Scottish murder mystery (Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 3)

Written by Pete Brassett
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A serial killer is covering their tracks by framing innocent people. Can DI Munro guess the motive and save the investigation?

When a young woman is found murdered in her flat, CCTV quickly points to a suspect. But when Andrew Stewart is brought in for questioning, his willingness to cooperate with Munro and West raises doubts about his guilt.

When another body turns up, book-lover Andrew falls under suspicion once more. It will take the sharp wits of Detective Munro to look past the obvious clues, and uncover an elaborate ruse. With Andrew off the radar, they must follow a new line of investigation and everything seems to point to one of their own.

If you like detective fiction with lots of twists and the challenge of working out the identity of the killer, ENMITY is for you.

Set in the western Scottish town of Ayr, ENMITY is full of deadpan wit and plenty of surprises. The developing relationship between the detectives makes this Scandinavian-style novel stand out with its beautiful atmospheric setting, quick-fire dialogue and the plot that keeps you guessing right until the end.

ENMITY is the third book by Pete Brassett to feature DI Munro and DS West. In order of publication, the books are:


These books can all be enjoyed on their own, or as a series.


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