Emotional Intelligence: An Effective Practical Guide to Mastering Social Skills, Improve Your Relationship and Raise your EQ

Written by Alex C. Wolf
Category: · Business & Money

Are you one of those people who stagger under the weight of overpowering emotions? And these emotions cause you to take impulsive actions?

You might want to improve your emotional intelligence.

Achieving success in a relationship, professional, or leadership capacity, emotional intelligence is just as important – if not more important – than book smarts. First off, you cannot succeed in isolation. You will always need the input of other human beings. And it takes emotional intelligence on your part to not only get along with other people but also utilize their talents for your benefit.

According to leading researchers, a high level of emotional intelligence will strengthen your interpersonal relationships, and promote success in both your personal and career goals as well.
Most people have great intentions, but when their emotions get involved, everything goes to hell.

The Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Mastering Social Skills, Improving Your Relationships and Raising Your EQ is aimed at helping the reader take their power back from their emotions. Low emotional intelligence doesn’t necessarily have a loud presence. It stalks you and influences your every action whilst suppressing your insight and self-awareness.

This book addresses all the steps that will guarantee you an exceptionally high emotional intelligence. The content has been generated from extensive research and is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner.

The four most critical areas covered in this book include:

  • Self-awareness: this is the ability to discern your thoughts and how they relate to your actions. When you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness, you come to terms with both your weaknesses and strengths, and build confidence as well.
  • Self-management: for the average person, it can be extremely difficult to control their emotions or behaviors, but that’s how they give their power away. Learn how to watch your emotions and control your behaviors and it will give others the impression that you’re powerful. Self-management also equips you for fast adaption to change.
  • Social awareness: become an expert at decoding the messages that people send out unconsciously or consciously in a social context. This is the secret of becoming charismatic.
  • Relationship management: learn how to strengthen the bonds of your relationships by communicating your needs appropriately and meeting the needs of your partner. Relationships are not confined to dating or marriage only, but they could be even business and work related.

By reading this book through and applying the knowledge therein you will have taken an important step toward increasing your emotional intelligence.

Through having a deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence, an individual can control their emotions even in high-pressure environments.

And with Emotional Intelligence, you have a book that will show you how to improve and perfect your own!

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