Emotional Intelligence: 10 steps to raise your EQ level

Written by Mike Bray
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important factors that affects our lives. It is our ability to understand our feelings and emotions, as well as understand emotions of other people, which can really help us with our relationships. Understanding our emotions is becoming more and more important, as it helps us to understand ourselves and situations around us so that we can adapt. Ability to adapt is vital for us and our careers. Charles Darwin once said that it is not the strongest or the most intelligent person that will survive, but the one, that can adapt better than the others. This works in our personal life, as well as our career.

Mike Bray

An avid admirer of the human body and a careful observer of its multiple functions, a person who has hands on training and diet experience, as well as mental training and self-development as a whole. In this book, his aim is to teach you about your emotions, to show you his tactics and techniques of raising your emotional quotient level, that will improve every sphere in your life.

Why THIS book about emotional intelligence?

Maybe you ask yourself, why should you buy THIS book when there are so many books about emotions and emotional intelligence? Well, because most of the books connected to this topic are full of rabbiting and theories about emotions and emotional intelligence, with no or very few solutions that you can include in your everyday life. No real life situations, no techniques, no training tactics, just theories, that is exactly opposite of what this book is about. In this one, you will actually learn HOW TO raise your EQ level with very simple, yet effective techniques.

What is the content of the book?

Short and educating, brief but comprehensive, ideal for both men and women, children, teenagers, adults or seniors, both men and women, this book will offer you solutions for every stage in life. So it does not matter, whether you want to improve your EQ because of school, work, relationships or your personal self-development. It contains brief description of what emotional intelligence is, what are the advantages of being emotionally intelligent, tactics and techniques to improve your emotional intelligence supported by real-life experiences and advice of numerous life coaches, that can be easily included in everyday situations and the “10 golden rules”.

Book full of interesting information, which can be used for self-development, improving relationships or careers/school life, yet still written in very simple english so not only beginners, that have no clue about what emotional intelligence is about, but also beginners in english are going to clearly understand meaning of this book, because Mike Bray is known to avoid biological terms and jargon so that everyone gets the point of his books. Let´s make a short summary what will you get or learn by buying this book

Summary of what you get by buying this book:

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Advantages of being emotionally intelligent
  • Division of training techniques
  • Step by step guide to raise your EQ level
  • 10 golden rules
  • Real life situations
  • Implementing these strategies into our everyday life

You are only one step away from getting all of this and start changing your life step by step. So what are you still waiting for? You can find small surprise for you in this book if you are going to read carefully, can you find it?


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