Earth-Net: The Dianian Chronicles: Book 1

Written by David J. Garrett
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The colonists of the planet Diana have flourished on their pristine world for nearly two-hundred years. Since their arrival, no manned spacecraft has ever descended through the clean Diana air or touched down between the great lakes and towering trees of the untouched moon. But, for the first time, Diana has been sold and full-blooded humans are being sent to oversee the transition.
On the eve of departure, Jonah Fielding prepares for a decade long voyage. Jonah and his unit of UN Marines have been added to the crew at the last minute, and it’s not clear why. As they pack their kits the same question is written on the faces of every one of his comrades. Are they being shot out into space to protect? If so, whom? Or are they being sent for some other reason entirely?
Ray, a young Dianian colonist, looks up pensively through her half of the great Euro-Net. She watches fireworks exploding above the mega city that used to be Vienna. They celebrate two hundred years since Earth-Net saved their home world. The inhabitants of both worlds can see each other all the time. Earth and Diana are connected via Earth-Net. Continent sized diaphanous webs of millimetre sized wormholes that teleport light and clean air between the worlds. The physical challenges of sending manned missions however, are severe. The costs have always been too great. But things are changing.
The humans are arriving, today. Ray is excited and a little afraid. She watches the distant starbursts blissfully unaware that she is about to be thrust her into the fight of her life and discover a terrible truth behind her sheltered upbringing.

Cover art by Lee Ann Barlow


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