Duranalysis: Essays on the Duran Duran Experience

Written by Morgan Richter
Category: · Arts & Photography

No band epitomizes the eighties, a decade of stylish and absurd excesses, as much as Duran Duran. Certainly no band inspires the same dizzying range of emotions—adoration, delight, confusion, contempt—as those five beautiful boys from England who burst onto the New Wave scene like a glitter-encrusted wrecking ball at the start of the decade and, with the help of their spectacular music videos, held the public’s attention in a vise grip. Still (mostly) together and going strong, they’ve endured because no one could ever quite forget them, even when the end of the eighties threatened to turn them into relics of an era that overstayed its welcome. Duran Duran are pop music royalty: glamorous, ridiculous, larger than life, and absolutely hilarious.

With wit and affection, Duranalysis tackles the Duran Duran phenomenon. Duranalysis is composed of a series of insightful, informative, irreverent essays encompassing the complete history of Duran Duran, from their origins in working-class Birmingham through their MTV domination and the crazy chaos of megafame in the 1980’s, to their lower-profile but still glamorous present.

Welcome to Duranalysis. It’s going to be a wild ride.


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