Dueling the Dragon: Adventures in Chinese Media and Education

Written by Abdiel LeRoy
Category: · History

China — Superpower or Basket Case? You decide!

A wide-eyed expat is detained by Beijing cops and told to sign a false confession. Will he make it out of China alive?

Dueling the Dragon is a great adventure story, but this one just happens to be true!

With a journalist’s eye and lively wit, LeRoy exposes the deep levels of corruption tearing at China’s social fabric. You will learn of college students sold into slavery, media suppression of pollution reports, and persecution of a broadcaster just trying to do his job!

Yet there is delight amid the despair, reverie amid the revulsion, as LeRoy encounters China’s “raven-haired beauties”. You’ll laugh away the tears with this riveting memoir!

“These stories from China are addictive!”

“LeRoy’s ability to write so cogently about such AWFUL things and simultaneously give readers a chuckle, is magnificent.”

“Wields a wicked and eloquent pen.”

“Should be awarded an honorary degree in Anthropology.”

“Informative and eye opening.”

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