Dreaming (The Gods of Chaos Book 1)

Written by Jack Thanatos
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When it comes to the Djinn, most dreamers pay little attention to their intrusive presence. Jack was no exception, believing these beings were fabrications of his sleeping mind. One specific Djinn seemed to follow Jack, watching like a voyeur, from the background. This mysterious figure never interacted with Jack, just quietly remained a fixture of the dreamscape.
As time shifted and he grew from early adolescence to his teens, Jack’s frequent nocturnal visitor seemed to vanish. Then, one night in his mid-20’s, the Djinn reemerged. Not only had he returned, but instead of remaining in the background, this man stepped from the shadows and finally introduced himself.
Skeptical at first, Jack dismissed the chance occurrence until he was handed tangible proof in Reality. A special handbook entitled “The Grimoire” was the gift, and it was designed to open the doorway into the Djinn life.
With Jack’s acceptance, his induction was swift. His wildest dreams were about to become true…as well as his nightmares. The rigid line between Reality and the Dreaming had been permanently blurred. The Djinn had Jack hooked, and all he could do is go for the ride of his life. Will this be too much for Jackie Boy to handle?


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