Dream Big Why Not?!: One Woman’s Journey To Success

Written by Julie Moriva
Category: · Arts & Photography

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Would you love a different career? Is there a hobby or interest you’re passionate about but have yet to pursue? Do you have a goal you want to achieve but have no idea where to start? So did Julie Moriva. She launched into action without much thought or planning on her journey to becoming a professional songwriter. But by luck or fate, she did one surprising thing that turned out to be the key to being able to look back, connect the dots and see what worked to propel her towards reaching her goal.

In the book, she shares her story based on her situation – a wife, mother and educator living in a tiny northern Wisconsin town pursuing her dream of a career in songwriting. The beauty of the process and lessons she reveals to readers can be applied to whatever it is one desires to achieve. Moriva’s path culminates with signing a publishing deal with one of the most successful record labels in the music industry and having her song performed on the finale of NBC’s The Voice. Whatever your aspirations there is much truth in Moriva’s advice to readers contemplating turning a dream into reality, “There are no size limits on dreams and success in contingent only on our ability to Dream Big…Why Not?!”


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