Donut Poison (Killer Delights Cozy Mystery Book 2)

Written by Agatha Baker
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

After the whole debacle of the ‘Plum Cake Murder’ case, beautiful Cassandra Hafonsky’s life was finally beginning to return to normal. Her relationship with the longtime love of her life Greg was basically back to being as blissfully serene as it was before, and her coffee shop ‘Cassie’s Breakfast Delights’ was absolutely booming with business.

So, what could possibly go wrong at this point, one might ask? Hmmm, perhaps they should have refrained from uttering such a question.

On one fateful night, Cassie is invited over to locally famous Dr. Lipowitz’s celebratory party for his award winning recognition in “Scientific Excellence.” Other guests include her best friend Dee, her boyfriend Randall, Cassie’s fiancĂ© Greg, Lipowit’z ex wife Samantha, his top nurse Peggy, and his main assistant Victoria.

Long story short, fine champagne being drunk and excellent conversation being had weren’t the only activities that transpired on this occasion. Someone was also tragically murdered… Can you say deja vu?

Now, Cassie must spring into action, and race against the clock to solve yet another grisly murder case before her or one of her friends is tossed into the proverbial frying fan!!

Can she work her unique magic again?


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