Don’t Tell My Mum!: Memories of a Confused Seventies Childhood (Confused Sixties Childhood Book 2)

Written by Alex Cotton

Second book in the series.
Following on from Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice! – Memories of a Confused Sixties Childhood, we pick up from where the last book left off. It is now 1973 and we follow Alex through her first day at high school, meeting stranger teachers than ever, eventful camping trips, teenage crushes on seventies popstars and much more. Still in the background is the same family, attention seeking mother, father still trying as hard as possible not to be noticed and terrified that people are talking about his family and a little brother of a nervous disposition. Set to the backdrop of blackouts, strikes and water shortages. A must for everyone who grew up in the seventies.

“I wanted American Tan tights but my mother said English girls didn’t have legs that colour, especially in Yorkshire.”

“The neighbours’ became accustomed to the sight of my brother being dragged past their kitchen windows every morning by his legs.”

“It was years before I found out sticky back plastic was good old fashioned sellotape, we’d had loads of the stuff in the cupboard all that time, my dad ‘borrowed’ it from work.”

“I asked my mother what a training bra was, she said it trained your bosom. To do what, run a marathon”.

Out now : Book 3 “Don’t Blame Me, It’s Everybody Else! ” available to download.


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