Don’t let it Show

Written by Randy. Scott Boucher

This is a journey of a boy with a very troubled upbringing trying to figure out who he is in this world. This journey begins with him fighting for his life, to wish at times that he had lost that fight. A boy struggling with the horror he might be gay. At a youthful age, converting to Jehovah Witness put an added burden and feeling of guilt upon him. Follow the bewildered boy, as he becomes an even more confused adult. Why he gets married at an early age and then has a son. Far-removed from the perfect family as it all falls apart. He opens up his emotions as he describes coming out as a gay man, and the consequences that followed. The battling with the Courts to be able to visit with the one person that meant the most to him. The struggles he encounters being gay and HIV+ while working as a machinist in a blue color world. Eventually finds him battling with the option of suicide. To survive he must learn to let go of his past and to learn to forgive. He explains this in the only way he knows how, and that is with humor. If you look hard enough you will discover a joke in any situation, it is just a little harder to see through tears.


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