Written by Doug Goodman
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Overnight, household pets transformed into monsters that took over the world. Now, survival is about the struggle where humans have become prey to creatures that are faster, stronger, and better able to sense them.

Three months after Black Friday, Aidan and his friends are hiding in a neighbor’s attic. Every day they watch wargs and rocs hunt and devour their neighbors and their friends. Every night the house is swarmed by bats and ugly black birds that are searching for them. In between, they hunt for supplies and fight others for control of solar cells to power the attic fan.

Hard choices need to be made. Stay in the safety of their attic in Houston, or escape the subdivision and head far to the north where they hope it is too cold for most animals. If they leave, they will be open to being hunted by every kind of animal-turned-monster living in North America, including a murderous monster nicknamed The Warden of the West.


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