Dodging a Bullet

Written by Desiree Douglas
Category: · Romance

When Trish Malone gets dumped at the altar by Dodson Kingsley, a controlling, narcissistic playboy, she finds herself going nowhere with a lot of baggage. Just weeks later, she meets Jake Abbott, a widower with an out-of-control six-year-old daughter. He’s the perfect man, and comes with an amusing extended family, but Trish is reluctant to begin a new relationship with such a fresh emotional wound.

Shocked to discover that Dodson was having an affair during their engagement, Trish is forced to come to the aid of his victim, his secretary, young Kelli Spencer. Kelli has visions of having it all, but instead is left homeless and shattered. As Kelli gets back on her feet, Trish puts the past behind her, but it’s too late for her and Jake. He’s now in love with her best friend, Laney–or so she believes!

Through interference involving her New Age, kooky parents, Trish loses her last chance to find love with Jake. Can she mend what’s broken and get her happily-ever-after?


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