The genre for “Dismounted Liberty” could best be described as a World War II creative non-fiction story. Although the events in the book actually happened, the author has creatively added probable, but unproven dialogue and internal monologue to descriptive narration – just as a T.V. producer would develop a docu-drama.

The subject matter of “Dismounted Liberty” deals with the life of Charlie – his formative years on the Columbia Plateau farm in eastern Washington State, the formation of his character, his young adulthood, and finally his contributions and sacrifices during World War II as Charlie entered the Army Air Corps and was transferred to the Philippines.

In his youth Charlie’s favorite horse was Liberty, a gelding chestnut that served as the family’s work horse. When Charlie’s father died, and his mother lost the farm and, livestock, including Liberty, Charlie took off with Liberty before the buyer arrived. The twelve-year-old rode and rode through the gullies of the west branch of Texas Draw, along the Channeled Scablands’ hummocks and wheat fields, and to each body of water he had fished. Charlie cried and cried until he could cry no more. When he returned to the farm he sadly dismounted Liberty for the last time…

These and other family tragedies formed the character that Charlie would need to survive the Battle of Bataan, the Bataan Death March, and 30 months of torture as a prisoner of war.


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