Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 1)

Written by PP Corcoran
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A lost civilisation, a trove of underground secrets, and a daring mission outside the solar system. Can the Terran Republic navigate a galaxy on the brink of disaster? A riveting journey for fans of military sci-fi.

In the near future humans can travel to the stars. Instantaneously.

The Marco Polo leads a human expedition on its maiden voyage outside Earth’s Solar System when the ship’s scientists detect power readings: they are alien and emanate from Planet III… a wasteland which suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. Deep, under the surface of Planet III archaeologists excavate an alien library, a rosetta stone of sorts, and are astonished to unlock its secrets with human DNA. They quickly determine that the Saiph, a race of unknown origin, have left a guide to survival, survival against a merciless enemy called the ‘Others’.

They need technology. They need allies. Most of all, they need heroes.

Humanity and their allies battle for their very existence in the first instalment of PP Corcoran’s classic space opera saga. If you like intrigue, electrifying action, and interstellar warfare, then you’ll love PP Corcoran’s series starter.

The Saiph Series comes highly recommended from fans of the Honor Harrington and Lost Fleet series, the works of Jack McDevitt, The Mote In God’s Eye by Niven and Pournelle, Asimov and Arthur C Clarke.


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