Dieting Can Be Murder: Every Wife Has a Story (A Baby Boomer Mystery Book 7)

Written by Susan Santangelo
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

“If you’re a fan of Susan Santangelo’s humorous Baby Boomer Mystery series, Dieting Can Be Murder, the seventh book in the series, won’t disappoint. Carol Andrews needs to lose the weight she gained on her recent second honeymoon. But where Carol goes, dead bodies follow, and such is the case when another dieter in her weight loss group is murdered. Of course, Carol can’t help but start nosing around to find the killer. After all, the woman collapsed and died on top of her.”
—Lois Winston, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Critically Acclaimed Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Series

There’s a little too much to love about Carol Andrews these days, thanks to the extra calories she consumed during her second honeymoon in Florida with her husband, Jim. Determined to shed the extra pounds before the birth of her first grandchild, Carol joins Tummy Trimmers, a new, holistic approach to fighting—and winning—the battle of the bulge. But her weight loss regimen is interrupted by another group member, who collapses on Carol right after completing a meditation exercise to help lose weight, and dies. When the evidence points to murder, the always curious Carol can’t resist adding sleuthing to her personal weight loss routine.


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