Devil’s Playground

Written by Simon Chambers

“This book puts you right there in the heat in ‘The Devils Playground’” – Bill Northacker (Lt Col. Special Forces. US Army, retired. Author of ‘Two if by Sea’ and ‘Cawnpore: Ganges Double Massacre)

“Five-star rating. A truly gripping and all round informative insight into the very selective and dangerous world of the private contractor” Monty B (author of ‘A Snipers Conflict.)

“I’m no hero, but I have served alongside many. Since I started writing this book some of my team have been killed in action. They don’t appear on any military casualty list. They are not classed as soldiers. They are an expendable item, a battlefield commodity to be used and forgotten. Most of their deaths don’t get into the headlines but may just get a few words in a local newspaper if they are lucky. They don’t qualify for medals although many have carried out deeds worthy of such recognition. The uninformed call them overpaid mercenaries and say they get what they deserve. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have tried to set the record straight. “


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