Destroyer of Planets: Book 1 of the Neon Octopus Overlord Series

Written by L.A. Johnson
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Neon Octopus Overlord has been challenged. Their galaxy will never be the same. Enter a galaxy of snarky comebacks and inappropriate use of tentacles in this fast-paced space romp.

Kirian, the self-styled Destroyer of Planets has always had issues with authority. That’s a problem since she’s currently in the Neon Octopus Overlord’s elite, secret, Celestial force against her will. In a desperate attempt to regain her freedom, Kirian defies her tentacled boss and secretly saves Ari, the human she is sent to kill.

Ari is an underappreciated civil servant targeted for her intelligence. She turns out to be one of the few beings left in the galaxy capable of thwarting the Overlord’s corrupt plans. She just wants to go back to a normal life, but when the Overlord finds out that she’s not dead, all bets are off and she’ll have to fight to survive.

Can Ari and Kirian, aided by a few shady friends and a wannabe rock star find a way to work together and stay alive long enough to put a dent in the Overlord’s plans?


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