DEFIER: The Girl Who Stood (Defier Series Book 1)

Written by Mandy Fender
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

“A YA novel inspired by Christian bravery that will not only entertain but inspire and challenge your faith!” – Early Reader

Redemptive Fiction Award of Excellence Winner

When her faith makes her a target, Lennox Winters must leave everything she knows behind and face the harsh truth of what her world has become. The raised scar on her chest reminds her she still has a purpose, but is her purpose worth the sacrifice? With a new Regime taking over America and imprisoning Christians, she must decide what is worth fighting for. As she rediscovers her faith in Christ, she must choose whether she will stand or bow in the face of her enemies.

They said her faith would be the death of her, but her faith is what made her alive.

Are you brave enough to defy?


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