Deadly Straits (A Tom Dugan Thriller Book 1)

Written by R.E. McDermott

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Deadly Straits – Book Description

What would you do to save your child? Trapped in a parent’s worst nightmare, Alex Kairouz faces an impossible choice between his own daughter’s life and the lives of thousands of innocent strangers.

A single parent, Alex Kairouz dotes on his intellectually disabled daughter Cassie, who is the image of his late wife. But nothing or no one can shield Alex and Cassie from a cabal of international terrorists, intent on using them both as pawns in an evil game.

No one that is but Tom Dugan, Alex’s best friend and a reluctant spy turned CIA scapegoat.

But first Dugan has to convince the CIA and British intelligence he’s not a terrorist himself.

A story of an impossible choice and ultimate triumph over unspeakable evil.

A Note from the Author

I was living in Singapore, half a world away, when the towers fell on 9/11 and changed all our lives forever. After the initial shock, I, like most folks, adapted. For those of us who traveled a lot, increased airport security was an ever-present reminder of our vulnerability.

My mind being what it is, the inevitable result of constant reinforcement was a story. All writers bring a bit of themselves to their work, and my ‘day job’ was in the maritime industry. Little wonder then, that as I traveled between ships and shipyards, I speculated on how a maritime-based terrorist plot might unfold.

I was determined that the plot be plausible and the characters realistic. I didn’t want my hero to be a superman, but an ordinary guy thrust into a situation far over his head. It took me years to get that right, and when I started writing in 2006, I had no idea just how plausible my plot would prove to be. I didn’t find out until over five years later, when Seal Team 6 sent Osama Bin Laden to his just reward. Among the intelligence recovered in the raid were plans for hijacking tankers and exploding them to cause “the death of great numbers of infidels and severe economic disruption, Inshallah.” Osama’s plans were almost identical to those described in Deadly Straits.

I’m often asked by readers if I have any concerns my books might be used as ‘blue prints’ by terrorists. In truth I don’t, simply because terrorists have all too active imaginations themselves. Let’s just hope the good guys can stay ahead of them.

Warning: While this book is suitable for a young adult audience, parental discretion is advised for persons younger than 15 years, due to the mature subject matter.

Excerpts From Amazon Reviews (See Full Text Below)

An awesome book! It has a very Tom Clancy feel. Kudos to Mr. McDermott. Well done, Sir. – D. Bosshardt

An absolute cracker of a thriller, quite simply on a par with Clancy et al. A terrific story, superbly written. – “Tao” Amazon (UK)

A little Clancy, a bit of Ludlum, and a lot of Mr. McDermott! – Libby Dunkin

I’ve always enjoyed books by Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler and Mr. McDermott did a fine job of following in their footsteps. Being ex-Navy Security Group, I found the story line to be very plausible with a fine mix of both maritime action and clandestine forces. – Imaham

I like Tom Clancy’s books because I learn a lot while I enjoy the story. In that same way, McDermott taught me about maritime issues while he told a great story. – DJ


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