Dead Apocalypse: Necrose Series Book One

Written by Tim Moon

You don’t expect the zombie apocalypse when you’re on vacation.

After a year of teaching English in South Korea, Ben Chase and his friend Ty are ready to experience adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. From a shocking flight to a horrifying dinner date, they quickly find themselves in a nightmare surrounded by flesh-eating monsters.

The infection spreads virtually unchecked, forcing them into a daring fight for survival. When Ben is faced with a critical decision that places the fate of his friends in his hands, what he must do to save them is unthinkable…

Dead Apocalypse will leave your skin crawling as you follow Ben and his friends’ terrifying encounter with victims of the deadly Necrose-7A virus, and their desperate attempts to survive the doomed island paradise.

Reader Reviews

It will feed your ZOMBIE addiction, and leave you wanting more. – Augusta C.

“The perfect amount of gore and personal tragedy…” – Sally B.

“Effective, taught, engaging beginning…” – M. Heminger

Dead Apocalypse is the first book in the Necrose zombie apocalypse series. Other books include Dead Frozen and Dead Escape.


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