DarkWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 5)

Written by Kathryn Le Veque
Category: · Romance

An English knight with inner demons meets the Scottish lass who will kill those demons….

Following a terrible tragedy that robbed him of his wife, the dark and fiery second son of the Wolfe of the Border finds solace in battle….

Quick to temper, and an aggressive fighter, Troy de Wolfe is at the helm of his father’s army when it subdues a smaller castle south of Kelso. Assuming command, Troy is in the heart of Scots territory and the Scots aren’t happy about it one bit. Trying to gain peace with a powerful clan, Troy is tricked into fighting a warrior of the clan chief’s choosing. Imagine his surprise when that warrior turns out to be the clan cheif’s daughter…

And Troy is forced to marry her.

So begins a very volatile – and very funny – relationship between Troy de Wolfe and Rhoswyn Whitton Kerr. But the contentious relationship soon becomes one of genuine affection and eventually love, and Rhoswyn must call upon her warrior skills to save her husband against those clansmen who would see him harmed. Follow Troy and Rhoswyn to the end of their happiness rainbow among the gentle hills of the Scottish marches.

Read the entire de Wolfe Pack series. It can be read in any order, as all books are stand-alone, but the chronological order of the books (chronological by the year the story is set in) is:

1 Warwolfe
2 The Wolfe
3 Nighthawk (Sons of de Wolfe sub series)
4 ShadowWolfe (Sons of de Wolfe sub series)
5 DarkWolfe (Sons of de Wolfe sub series)
6 A Joyous de Wolfe Christmas (Sons of de Wolfe sub series)
7 Serpent
8 A Wolfe Among Dragons (Sons of de Wolfe sub series)
9 Scorpion
10 Dark Destroyer
11 The Lion of the North
12 Walls of Babylon


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