Damaged Goods: A woman who became her own hero

Written by Glenna McCarthy


After you’re done reading Glenna’s story, you cannot help but admit she’s led a hard life. She’s gone through more than her fair share of trouble, in different ways. Some of it she invited; some she did not. To say that she had a troubled childhood would be an understatement.

Cutting a long story short, she spent a considerable time working as a prostitute. She was a drug addict. Somewhere along the way, she caught AIDS and Hepatitis C. She successfully battled the latter, which she considers a battle won.

A turnaround in such scenarios is rare. Glenna, though, felt it was imminent. Along the way, she met some good people. She managed to get the better of her paranoia and anxiety, successfully completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology. Now, she’s happy how things have shaped up. She knows the journey is nowhere near the end, and understands she’ll have to deal with new kinds of challenges, but they’re ones she looks forward to, unlike before.


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