Daily Inspiration: 365 Quotes from Saints

Written by Wyatt North

If you need inspiration let the words of God’s most obedient servants light your path.

The word “saint” comes from the Latin word “sanctus,” a translation of the Greek word, “hagios,” which means “holy.” While all of us are capable of holiness, canonization is the Church’s official recognition that a particular person displayed an extraordinary degree of holiness, or devotion to God, during his or her time on Earth. There is much to be learned from the words, acts, and lives of the saints of the Roman Catholic Church. They provide undeniable examples of the best that humankind is capable of—virtues like kindness, charity, love for each other, especially for the lowest and the least among us, courage in the face of adversity, humility, and selflessness. They embody the deepest love a person can have for God through their willingness to sacrifice all, even their lives, for their faith. They remind us that in our darkest moments we are not alone, and in our joys and triumphs they are reminders of God’s grace.

You can take a few minutes every day to read one of the 365 quotes in this book and the accompanying text. Some start each day with prayer and devotional reading, and they carry that bit of serenity with them throughout their day. Others prefer to save these readings until the day is done, drifting to sleep wrapped in the warm blanket of God’s love. We hope that the wisdom of the ages, as articulated through the words of the saints, find their way into your heart.


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