Daddy Won’t Kill You: The Haunting in the Woods

Written by Caroline Clark

A rocking chair, relaxing, comfortable, soaked in the blood of its victims.

Steve and Lauren, are spiraling into divorce. In a last bid attempt to save their marriage they take their two children to a remote cabin for a peaceful holiday.
They are not alone… something old and evil is waiting and it is looking for blood.

What was that? A ghost? Could this place be haunted, or am I losing my mind?

Steve is seeing things. Awful things that no father should ever see. While Lauren becomes more distant and the children try and ride out the storm the holiday turns into a blood soaked nightmare. Something supernatural is lurking, hiding… it will not let them leave.

Steve fights to save his family. But every attempt is thwarted as evil takes them on a nightmare journey they may never survive.

Can Steve reclaim his pride to prevent his wife from killing his family?
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Praise so far for Daddy Won’t Kill You:

While being reminiscent of The Shining, this still feels at home with the modern paranormal horrors.
Vivid and distinctive.

Occult horror at its best.

One of the stellar parts of the book is how perfectly this heartbreaking family situation has been portrayed. This is especially true in the kids. Their odd ability to be vulnerable one moment and compartmentalize their fear in order to share a giggle the next is brought to life nicely.

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