Curries from Around the World: Homemade Curries to Impress All Your Dinner Guests

Written by Nancy Silverman

Red, yellow, and green: these are some of the common curries you’ll find all over the world. This delicious meal is paired well with meats, rice, vegetables, and noodles. There are so many different ways to make curries and each one has its own incredible flavor. If you’ve never had curry before, there’s almost no words to accurately describe it until you’ve tried some yourself.

This cookbook will help you make some of the most amazing curries from numerous countries. Making this dish at home gives you great practice in cooking foreign cuisines and it makes your dinner guests want to come back every night! Homemade curries have such great flavor, it would be shame if you didn’t give it a shot in your own kitchen. With easy-to-follow instructions, there’s no reason not to try the recipes in this book!

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