Crumb Cake, Corpses and the Run of the Mill: Haunted House Flippers Inc. (Bohemian Lake Book 7)

Written by Rachael Stapleton
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Crumb Cake, Corpses and the Run of the Mill is the seventh book in the Bohemian Lake Series, and it’s the third of the series dedicated to Juniper, Jack & their ghostly guests.

BOHEMIAN Lake’s favorite haunted house flipping couple, Jack and Juniper agree to renovate café-owner Pike Hart’s newly inherited property—the old mill, they’re expecting to solve configuration issues, not cold cases.

But someone’s got a bone to pick and with the previous owner, the ghostly Doctor Albert Downey still in residence and connected to their own mysterious haunting, what choice do they have?

The doctor convinces Juniper the only way he and his murdered bride Victoria—the ghost of the Gothic Inn—can rest in peace is if Juniper solves the one-hundred-year old mystery of their murder-suicide. Too bad it’s not the only murder they have to solve at the moment.

Juniper is up to her elbows in drywall dust and leaky plumbing but she soon discovers her real problems may come from the living—those interested in keeping history in the past.

For those of you who are new to my books, the Bohemian Lake series is a world comprised of three sets. Each set focuses on a different Bohemian resident(s), although all of the books intersect. *You will note characters cross books all the time.

Reading Order:
Penning Trouble: Murder, She Floats,
Haunted House Flippers: Cookies, Corpses and the Deadly Haunt
Penning Trouble: Murder, She Slopes,
Haunted House Flippers: Candy Canes, Corpses and the Gothic Haunt
Bohemian Murder Manor: Gypsies, Traps & Missing Thieves
Bohemian Murder Manor: Make-Believes & Lost Memories
Haunted House Flippers: Crumb Cake, Corpses and the Run-of-the-Mill
Penning Trouble: Murder, Ye Bones

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