Cruel and Unusual: Episode Two in the Somewhere In-Between Series: (A Dystopian/Paranormal Romance Series)

Written by C.E. Wilson
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

There are monsters who act like people. And there are people who act like monsters.

On a remote island in Alaska, Malcolm is part of Project Isolation, where he must reflect on the crime that cost him the only thing he ever loved. He spends his days and nights alone, with his thoughts and his art—drawing the woman he lost.

But his isolation comes to a strange and abrupt halt when a miniature winged woman with pink hair and striking blue eyes comes literally crashing through his cell and his life.

Is Verity Nine a fairy? A sophisticated spy drone? She’s says she’s a human, and she just might be the answer to the pardon he’s so desperately wanted. But at what cost? The closer Malcolm gets to Verity, the less he sees a fantastical creature or a robot—what he sees is a woman for whom he might be willing to sacrifice it all.

Cruel and Unusual is a YA dystopian novel that forces readers to ask if the human mind can truly cope with loneliness. Author C.E. Wilson has watched every episode of The Twilight Zone and it shows in her writing.

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