Crimson Bayou (Things that go Bump in the Bayou Book 1)

Written by Alizabeth Lynn
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Vampires, werewolves, and magick, oh my.

Carissa Blaine is a young widow, and all she wants is to move forward with her life. However, her hope for normalcy shatters when she meets Aden McTarver, her handsome, secretive neighbor.

Despite their differences, sparks fly between the two. When Carissa is kidnapped by the Crimson Bayou Pack Master, a brutal fight ensues, and Aden is left to decide if his secrets are more important than her life.

Little do they know, things in the bayou are much worse than they fear. Evil waits in the shadows, playing them all like puppets, and no one knows who’s pulling the strings.


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