Cranky Beth And The Chess Lesson: Teaches How To Win And Lose Gracefully (Books For Kids, Children’s Picture Books, Bedtime Stories For Children, Books … (Children’s Behavior Correction Series ®)

Written by Betty Smith
Category: · Children’s Books

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Join Betty As She Learn Her Life Lesson About How To Win And Lose Gracefully

What other parents are saying about Betty Smith’s books:

✪✪✪✪ A Nice, Well-Illustrated Children’s Book
“…This is a book to share with your children that is well-illustrated and entertaining while teaching them manners…
…This is a very good book for parents to share with their children. Four stars out of five.” – by Travis C. TOP 500 REVIEWER

✪✪✪✪✪ Perfect For Bedtime!
“Not too long, not too short. It teaches an important lesson in a way that holds the attention of a child. The pictures help.” – by Matthew Rivera

✪✪✪✪✪ Great Book For Five Year Old
“I like when she got a cavity because it was cool” – Julia 5-year-old.
My daughter liked this book! Thanks!” – by Naama Hartz

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