COZY MYSTERY: Getaway to Murder: A Cozy Mystery in the Mountains (Book 3)

Written by Liz Turner
Category: · Mystery & Suspense



Getaway to Murder: A Cozy Mystery in the Mountains (Book 3)

Leo Loams is a sensation. Gentle and loving, with a sharp eccentric air about him, he’s got an army of followers who swear by his book on knowing oneself through psychology. He’s also got a multi-million dollar contract from a big four publisher, and a loyal group of devotees who owe him their success and their lives.

Victoria Armstrong believes less in psychology and more in hard work, and she’s glad to cater for Leo’s getaway at the historic Larch Luminary Hotel. Her business needs his business!

All is not what it seems, however, when Leo turns up dead! In the midst of the tragedy, a heavy snow storm hits the mountain. The road is impassable so no one can leave, and the RCMP can’t make it in. With tensions mounting and the killer on the loose, Victoria must solve the mystery.

Could it be the bull-like gym owner with his long-burning flame for Leo’s secretary? Or maybe it’s the seductive real estate agent with his flaring temper and recent business losses. Maybe it’s the dreamy secretary herself, with the anger that simmers under her air of helplessness?

But why kill Leo? One of his followers has taken fate into their hands, and as more bodies pile up, it’s up to Victoria to figure out who!

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