Cowboy Most Wanted (Copper Creek Book 1)

Written by Stina Lindenblatt
Category: · Romance

A sexy cowboy. Some racy photos. And an accidental hook up—or three—with his best friend’s sister.
There are four things that rule my world: Norse mythology, Marvel comics, horses, and dirty talk. Not necessarily in that order.
When my brother signs me up for a new Bachelorette-style reality show centered around a female star looking for love with a cowboy (without my permission, I might add), I don’t have a choice.
It will be great publicity for the ranch.
Or at least that’s what I’m promised.

Never mind that I’m not looking for love—and I’m especially not interested in landing a fiancée.
What I didn’t figure on is the show’s photographer being Violet Brooks. Violet is my best friend’s little sister. Did I mention he’s the town sheriff?
She’s the same woman who left our small Montana town ten years ago and never looked back. The same woman I lusted after when I shouldn’t have. And still do.
So when the pre-show marketing photo shoot involves channeling my inner underwear model—with Violet as the photographer—I lose my shirt. My pants. And possibly my virtue.
But it’s worth it.
As long as we don’t get caught—because if we are, it’s adios to the ranch.
And as long as my heart doesn’t get toss into the mix. Because what Violet and I have is only temporary while she’s in town.
Sounds easy enough. Right?


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