Corus and the Case of the Chaos: A Detective Mystery

Written by Mark Hazard
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Chief Detective Corus was the brilliant ace investigator of the King County Sheriff’s Department in Washington State. His ability to solve cases straddled the border between genius and second sight. He’d won every commendation his department offered, and his peers either cherished his ability or hated him for his success. But Chief Detective Corus, with his iron will and laser wits, was never moved by any of that, as long as he had a case to solve.

Then his dog died.

A good cop unhinged by the nihilistic significance of an old dog’s departure must now struggle to piece his worldview back together in time to solve the murders he let slip through his fingers during his season of failure. He begins with the murder of an entire family at a ski resort. With every clue gone cold can Corus re-establish order in his world, despite hateful co-workers, corrupt officials and murderous villains? Or is the crushing chaos destined to overwhelm him?


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