Cooking with Cast Iron: More Timeless and Delicious Family Recipes

Written by Louise Davidson

Cooking with cast iron …a timeless and delicious family tradition!
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Everything tastes better when it is cooked with cast iron! We all remember when our mothers or grandmothers used to make those memorable meals using those big, heavy, black skillets and saucepans. We can still imagine and almost taste those perfectly spiced dishes. Well, cast iron cookware is still around! They are so durable that they are almost always passed down from one generation to the other, as are the recipes they used. This cookbook holds not only amazing timeless recipes, but also instructions on how to cook with cast iron cookware. You can use them on the stove top, on the grill, and of course, in the oven. You can even bring it along for your next camping trip and make some delicious corn bread, breakfast skillets, hamburgers, and so much more!

Cast iron skillets and saucepans are the most versatile tools in your kitchen. You can cook any food you can think of in it. And it will taste like nothing else, a real taste of home-cooked meal.

Inside this book, you’ll find:
Timeless use of cast iron cooking
How to season a new cast iron cookware
The health benefits of using cast iron cookware
The maintenance of cast iron cookware
The versatility of using cast iron and cooking techniques

You’ll also find unique recipes to cook with your cask iron skillets and saucepans or Dutch oven. They include:

Mouth-watering chicken recipes like the Crispy Coconut Chicken Tenders with dipping sauces
Irresistible beef dishes like the Simply Delicious Beef Chili
Delicious pork and lamb entrees like the Cherry-Glazed Pork Chops and Green Beans
Light and easy to prepare seafood dishes like the pineapple shrimp stir fry
Delightful vegetarian recipes like our family secret recipe Ooey-Gooey Mac’n Cheese
Heart-warming homemade soups like the Ham and Double cheese Soup
And yes, more desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth with recipes like the Raspberry White Chocolate Dump Cake

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