Cooking Up Love (McCallister’s Paradise Book 5)

Written by Chantel Rhondeau
Category: · Romance

A single mother gives everything to raise her daughter in a loving, safe environment—falling for a handsome playboy was not part of the plan.

Elaina Turner arrives at McCallister’s Paradise with her young daughter for the ultimate vacation getaway. Her bargain store dress may as well be a burlap sack when she sees the other island guests, and Elaina fears the free vacation might end in embarrassing disaster. She never expects Shane McCallister, head chef of Paradise Point and part owner of the island, to take a keen interest in her and her daughter. His sexy smile and easy manner cause Elaina to have a hard time staying away, but she has to protect her daughter from the flirtatious player. All her daughter wants is a father—Shane is obviously looking for fun with no strings attached.

As the youngest sibling in the McCallister clan, Shane has floundered through life for several years. Bad choices and frequent mistakes with women have become his trademark. When he targets Elaina as his next love conquest, his family fears the worst—that he’ll ruin not only himself and Elaina, but possibly take down the entire business with his antics.

Things aren’t entirely what they seem for either Elaina or Shane. Perhaps being together is the only way to make their lives meaningful. Despite the roadblocks in their way, they grow closer. Unfortunately, so does the chance that the past will rear its ugly head and ruin any possibility for a happy ending.

Another McCallister sibling has to navigate the pitfalls and triumphs of love all while dealing with the meddlesome and loving McCallister family. Download your copy today to fall in love in paradise again!


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