Contractual Obligations

Written by A.M. Hounchell
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

This book contains many amazing adventures and wondrous takes on a deal with the Devil. This deal can go in several different ways. Only you can make the necessary choices the story requires. Too often, books are cemented in one place that cannot be changed. This book contains choices for you to make, along with their outcomes.

What’s offered inside is a look into the tempted mind and the lost soul of anyone that has worked in retail. The spice of working registers or racks is not found within the employer contract, but within the individual.

Every time a customer walks up to a register, any amount of scenarios can play out. The customer could be a little old lady buying candles or the Devil with a sweet deal. You must make the choices that will beat this humdrum existence into submission.

Fight the Devil, Play Along, or Sell your Soul. It’s up to you to Choose.    


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