Conflicted Innocence (The Crime Files Book 2)

Written by Netta Newbound

An Edge of your Seat Psychological Thriller Novel

Geraldine and baby Grace arrive in Nottingham to begin their new life with author James Dunn.

Lee Barnes, James’ best friend and neighbour, is awaiting the imminent release of his wife, Lydia, who has served six years for infanticide. But he’s not as prepared as he thought. In a last ditch effort to make things as perfect as possible his already troubled life takes a nose dive.

Geraldine and James combine their wits to investigate several historical, unsolved murders for James’ latest book. James is impressed by her keen eye and instincts. However, because of her inability to keep her mouth shut, Geri, once again, finds herself the target of a crazed and vengeful killer.

All Netta’s books are British and use spellings from the British Oxford Dictionary. They are available for free download with Kindle Unlimited


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