Comprehension Speed Reading: Learn Techniques to Read Faster and Comprehend More (Personal Advantage Self-Improvement Series Book 1)

Written by David A. Daniels
Category: · Business & Money

Comprehension Speed Reading!

Read Faster, Comprehend More – (Includes Speed Reading and Comprehension Assessment Tests!)

Ever wished you read faster? Do you wish you could remember more of what you read? You’re not alone, and Dave Daniels has written this book with you in mind. It’s time to stop reading the same passages again and again. No longer do you need to ‘hear the voice in your head’ in order to read and understand the words on the page. You and your brain are ready to consume more content as well as recall what you’ve read. It’s time to read it once and make it Stick!

Daniels’ guide will not simply introduce you to the techniques used in speed reading, but will do so with the objective of helping you comprehend what you’ve read; making this skill a useful one! Beyond learning the ‘how-to’s of reading faster, you’ll also learn about the obstacles that are holding you back and how to overcome them. Stop feeling like you’re a slow reader. You’ve been taught to read slowly; now it’s time to read fast and comprehend more!


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