Come Along Together: Kids Book

Written by Emily McLeod
Category: · Children’s Books

When Patrick the pig had an idea to help the farm animals, he never expected such a great adventure!

When Theodore the tiger found a pig in the jungle, he never expected to become his friend.

This is the story of a group of farm animals and jungle animals that worked together as a team to stop humans abusing them and became the best friends forever. They probably never imagined that farm animals could get along with jungle animals, but discovered the meaning of true friendship during their fight for justice and liberty. That is how a brave tiger, a playful monkey, an intelligent pig, and a clever crocodile taught humans a lesson.

‘Kids Book: Come Along Together (Kids Picture Book and Kids Book About Nature)’ is a delightful inspirational story for kids. A great kids book that can be read to those younger than 5, a read alone or with guidance book for kids age 5-8, or a read alone tale for kids 9-12.

This book is beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate the imagination of every child enjoying it.

A wonderful addition to any library, especially those collecting kids picture adventure books for the Kindle or picture books about nature.

This story is appropriate for reading to children anytime including at bedtime.



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