Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Your Complete Guide on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy AND Emotional Intelligence AND Empath AND Stoicism – A FOUR Book Bundle

Written by George Muntau
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This Book Includes 4 Manuscripts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Master Your Brain, Depression And Anxiety

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a relatively short-term, results-oriented type of psychotherapy, which has a clear goal and uses a more practical approach for tackling psychological disorders. The goal usually is to change behavior or thought patterns that cause people to feel the way they do. CBT is employed for treating a large number of mental ailments or disorders from insomnia to relationship issues to substance abuse or anxiety/depression.

The therapy involves altering an individual’s behavior patterns and attitude by concentrating on their thoughts, visual imagery, underlying beliefs and overall attitude (held in the person’s cognizance), and impacting the way it processes a person’s behavior and manner of dealing with psychological problems.

Emotional Intelligence

Master The Strategies To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence, Build Self-Confidence, And Find Long Lasting Success

There are two kinds of intelligence – emotional and intellectual – which also express different parts of the brain’s activity .

Intellectual Intelligence – is based on the workings of the neocortex, which is the more recently evolved layer found at the top of the brain.

Emotional Intelligence – found in the more ancient sub cortex of the brain; its centers are lower in the brain. Emotional intelligence works hand in hand with these emotional centers and the intellectual centers.


How To Protect Yourself From Negativity And Thrive As An Empath

In this book you will learn:

  • The difference between Empaths and Empathy: Most people know what empathy is, but being an empath is something entirely different. An empath is someone who has a very heightened ability to relate to others and feel what they are going through. This will be explained in more detail in the introduction, as well as throughout the book.
  • The Challenges of being an Empath: Any empath knows that the path comes with many challenges, including getting taken advantage of by manipulative people and also just getting overwhelmed by taking on the emotions of others. In chapter two, we will cover the challenges and defenses of the average empath, and throughout the rest of the book, you will get tips on how to deal with this.
  • Tools for a Healthy Life: Did you know that the chakra system is closely related to emotional health and that meditation can transform the way you deal with being an empath? Find out about this in chapters five and six.


The Philosophy Of Calmness

If you are a philosopher or someone who seeks to find principles of better ways of living, Stoicism is an interesting philosophy that guides one into a life that is full of fulfillment and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, it is not simple, philosophy is complex, but many people try to pick bits and pieces of it to make it work for them in some circumstances. If you want to know how to apply various principles of stoicism, learn its history and gain insights on how to better manage the things that are causing harm in your life, then Stoicism is the book that you have been waiting for.

Inside this book you will find:

  • How you can program your mind through Neuroplasticity to create ways of coping with everyday situations
  • How to handle and use your emotions in everyday situations
  • How to be the same calm person when faced with challenges

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