Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker (Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series Book 12)

Written by Faleena Hopkins
Category: · Romance

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“This has been the best series ever. I was able to read the first 12 in less than a week and I loved every single book.”– D. Alessandrini

The waitress with the bird tattoo up her middle finger

Has my attention by not caring if she does.

My team thinks it’s hilarious that she’s not into me.

It’s almost as fascinating as she is.

Trouble is she likes musician types…

How I can change her mind?

Okay, so I might be a huge football fan…but I hate jocks.

Acting like idiots at our bar after every home game.

They almost ruin the sport for me, entirely.

Eric Cocker is gorgeous, sure, but what an ego!

Trouble is that our clientele loves drama

And they think we did it in O’Neal’s bathroom

All we really did was laugh – far more dangerous

How do you get inside a woman’s heart?

Make her laugh.

Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series is a unique contemporary romance written chronologically and to also be enjoyed in any order. Stories intertwine in a unique way.

Welcome to the Cocker family!
 Break out the fresh ginger-ale and enjoy!

The Cocky® Series Order:
The Original Six Brothers
1. Cocky Roomie – JAKE
2. Cocky Biker – JETT
3. Cocky Cowboy – JAXSON
4. Cocky Romantic – JASON
5. Cocky Senator – JUSTIN
6. Cocky Soldier – JEREMY

Spin off character from Cocky® Biker – the only novella:
7. A Honey Badger Xmas (not paranormal, it’s his nickname)

The Next Generation:
8. Cocky Senator’s Daughter: Hannah Cocker
9. Cocky Genius: Ethan Cocker
10. Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker
11. Cocky Love: Emma Cocker
12. Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker
13. Cocky Rebel: Sofia Sol Cocker
14. Cocky By Association: Sean & Celia
15. Cocky Director: Max Cocker
16: Cocky and Out of My League: Nicholas Cocker
17: Cocky Bonus Scenes For Books 1-16
18: Caden Cocker (title secret until launch)


Eric is the youngest son of Jake Cocker (book 1, Cocky Roomie). His siblings are Emma (Cocky Love) and Ethan (Cocky Genius). Enjoy!


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